Sustainability Together

it’s no new revelation that we live in a consumer-based global society. Take away cups alone with have reached over 2.5 billion containers a year. The majority of which are paper, or plastic that end up in a landfill. This creates a long-lasting environmental impact and damage. Governments are even considering legislation to ban single-use plastic and paper cups, until better recycling methods are introduced. 

As earth conscious citizens,  it is our duty to do it we can to reduce the environmental impact that our personal footprint leaves. 

While there are many ways to reduce your environmental footprint, one easy method is by using sustainable products. Forest bamboo is dedicated to bringing you bamboo products, like bamboo cops, that are of high quality, functional, and sustainable. 

Bamboo and the Future

It’s time we start using this renewable and sustainable resource. Eco-friendly bamboo cups provide the ideal means to reach a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. Bamboo grows at a rapid rate, artisans create products in low emission production environments, and when the product reaches the end of its life-cycle, recycling it or leaving it to decompose has a minimum impact on waste. 

We hope you will join us in making a more sustainable and green planet through the use of renewable resources such as bamboo.